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With the largest selection of jewelry in North Florida at our brick and mortar location, our online store of new jewelry only adds to our vast and unique collection. The link below is for the main page of our online store for new jewelry, specialty collections and one of a kind pieces.

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Bridal Collection

Engagement Rings

Want something unique, something that no one else has, the ring that says she mean more than anything else. We can provide what nobody else can, click the link below to be transported to our engagement rings and find the perfect fit.

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Wedding Bands

The most underappreciated piece of wedding jewelry. Not anymore, click the link below to access hundreds of wedding bands unique to you. Don't settle for the boring and basic band get the "one".

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Already have the band, need the bling? Click the link below and visit our site full of loose diamonds in all shapes and sizes. Find the stone you want and we'll install it for you. 

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302 Collection "Fine Jewelry"

Seeker Collection

She likes to discover new things and explore the unknown. Discover the possibilities with the Seeker Collection. 

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Sage Collection

She is wise and curious. And with her knowledge, she can change the world. With the Sage Collection, she can finally have jewelry as transcendent as she is

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Ruler Collection

She knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. She looks like the boss she is with the Ruler Collection. 

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Innocent Collection

She believes wholeheartedly in goodness and truth. Evoke her confidence with inspiring designs from the Innocent Collection. 

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Rebel Collection

She challenges expectations and isn't afraid to stand out from the crowd. She dares to be herself with the Rebel Collection. 

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