Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the prices i've seen on eBay for my item correct?

A: To price your item on eBay correctly and get the "as correct" pricing as possible you will need to make sure the sold check box is marked and this will allow you to see what the item has sold for.

Q: Where is my jewelry sent to be fixed?

A: All jewelry is repaired in house making sure your jewelry stays safe.

Q: Why would i need a jewelry appraisal?

A: Jewelry is an investment, in the event that something has happens a jewelry appraisal can help you retain the value of your investment.

Q: If you replace my watch battery and the watch still doesn't work, will i be charged?

A: No, we do not charge if it doesn't work. 

Q: If i want to sell my jewelry, will you buy it?

A: Yes, we have a couple of options; We can provide a price to sell it while your are in the store or we can consign your items.

Q: Do you sell large quantities of bullion?

A: Absolutely, we partner with the largest bullion distributors to get you the best value for your dollar. 

Q: Can i get custom jewelry?

A: Yes, the "New Jewelry" tab has a link to our new jewelry website where you can customize the piece you've been dreaming of.